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The New Sounds Company: Press

Heather McAuliffe

“I have worked with Heather on the production of two CDs and found her creativity, reliability, and demeanor to be incredibly supportive and professional. She exudes a love for her music and the process of creating a beautiful finished piece. Heather’s amazing sounds have received many complements from purchasers of my CD as she takes them into a trancelike flow of piano playing.” ~Kimberly Wilson, Creative Director, Tranquil Space Yoga, Washington, DC

David Breeskin

Rave Review of Dave Breeskin: “..It’s an all-encompassing palate that extends the formula developed by Barnee Breeskin (David’s father) during his 26 years at the Shoreham Blue Room.
The Washington Post - Richard Harrington (Feb 21, 1994)
“..Dave Breeskin knows what they want; a mix of show tunes and standards with a dash of Chopin, all played in heavily arpeggiated style with glistening runs on the keys. It’s hard to tell where one tune stops and another one begins since one of his musical strategies is clever, intricate modulation.”
The Welcomat, Philadelphia, PA - Peter Bushyeager (Oct 17, 1998)
About Dave Breeskin - “...You can see from the way David holds his hands that he is classically trained. But it doesn’t get in his way. He keeps enough funk in the game to call it jazz. He uses his blazing speed and trained touch as a means to an end.”
Virginia Beach Sun - Eric Stevens (Aug 26, 2003)